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Year 5 20-21 Christian Value: Justice

Do for others just what you would want them to do for you.’ Luke 6:31

Year 5 2020 21

The Year 5 Class Blog

Welcome to Year 5! 


Our class teacher is Mr Moore.


Here is some helpful information relating to the class routines:

  • homework is given out on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday;
  • our Mental Maths test is on Tuesday;
  • our spelling test is on Wednesday;
  • PE is a Monday and Thursday - please ensure kit is in all week though as from time to time we have extra PE from specialist coaches.
  • our flute lesson is on a Wednesday so please ensure your flute is in school that day.


Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to speak us, you are most welcome!

British Values Week has been amazing - Lords, Sheriffs, Barristers, the Pop Project and so much more!

Another excellent week of learning in Year 5: thermal insulator investigations, evaluating leaflets, debates and counter-balance gymnastics. It had it all...and a certificate too.

It's back to business in Year Five. This week's highlights include evaluating the properties of materials in Science and constructing some freestanding prototype structures in DT.

This week's highlights include gaining artistic inspiration from food and coming over all dramatic (well, with the stage still up it would be rude not to).

Another interesting week of Wordscaping, a maths lesson using bagels and some Maths of the Day.

A busy week making parachutes in our Forces topic and taking part in special Judo workshop!

This week's highlights include parachute making, Scrooge vs his nephew Fred in drama, indoor athletics and war poetry.

Here are the topic webs for our Autumn term.

This week in Year 5 in English we have been doing three different types of poetry; the first one is Haiku poetry next the Cinquain poem  and finally the Diamante, also we did a reading  comprehension text. In Maths today we did some line graphs and also some of us did some mystery maths questions and finding data on a table. Some of us also did a game on angles and some work on parallel lines. In Art we also did some oil pastel paints on space and rockets this week. 



w/c 08.10.18


This week Year 5 have been learning in English about writing a recount with detailed language. In Maths we  have been learning about angles and estimating and measuring the angles.  In PE we have been learning about rugby passes and different mini games. We have also been learning skills for the sports hall athletics competition.  In Personal, Social and Health Education known as PSHE we have been learning about online safety and how too keep safe online.



Summer 2 week 6     



                                                                    Charlotte,Tia, Alfie



                                                                   Writer Of The Week




This week, in year 5 we did sports day,the hot weather made it hard but we managed. Lots of us were very tired at the end. 


Maths - this week in maths we have been doing arithmetic skills and times tables, while in English we had explored punctuation within sentences and practised grammar tests.


This Monday and Tuesday we did the year 5 and 6 production, one at half one, and another at six. We had a good time, but it was extremely hot.


On Thursday we did mini workshops in the morning, for our first workshop we did marshmallows and spaghetti towers, for our second one we did a peace workshop and made our own "peace hand "and for our final workshop we did shape translation and reflection.



by Annabel, Olive and Chloe 


Summer 2 Week 5


This week on Wednesday every class has had one day to see what their next class will be like in September. We had worked as a team to solve a very big maths problem in groups of three .


On Friday Kiyanna got a certificate for the best writer of the week, Abbigayle, Chloe and Max got a sticker, Keira got a certificate for maths and the people who went to the cricket team all got a certificate in year 5.


By Tia and Mackenzie


Summer 2 week 3


As you may know, year 5 had a healthy week. A visitor came into year 5 and talked about healthy eating, we had healthy brownies and played truth or false, along with tying to match up sugar cubes with sweets, and drinks. On Monday three visitors came in to our school and taught us lots of exciting dances and gym routines, boxing, and karate. In English we are doing the 13th trial for Hercules to complete. In math we did, fractions, arithmetic and long multiplications, decimals.


Achievers !


Arla , Chloe and Abigayle



Writer of the Week



 By Annabel and Keira







 Summer Term 2 Week 2




Teagan , Kiyanna and Olive

Writer of the Week:






On Thurday afternoon ( 14 June ) 2 magistrates from Lancashire came to teach us all about what magistrates do for us and what is so important about them!

Ancient Greece


Year 5 have been doing Ancient Greece this half term and are enjoying reading the Greek myths! This week we have been focusing on a specific story called Hercules where he had to complete all of his 12 labors ( challenges ) otherwise his cousin could have the chance to kill him! Year 5 have also been designing their own Ancient Greek animal that Hercules would have had to kill or return.



Class Blog

Summer 2 Week 1


This week we started  new topic which was Greek myths.We did some acting and did a review about it. This week times tables rocks has been introduced to school. In maths we did an investigation using are math skills we have learnt during year 5. Today it is non-uniform for the summer fair so we had to bring in things in bottles. In topic we did a Greek timeline to show different key features like the first Greek Olympics. In R.E we are learning about the important ladies in the old testament. In PE we are practising  rounders and athletics .


By Tyler and Hope

Summer 1 Week 7


This week we have been learning about Maths and English and had lots of fun. In English this week we have been learning all about poems and all different sorts of them as well. On Thursday we had a new lesson in Pbone, which we do every Thursday, but this Thursday we had a new teacher for it,he was called Mr.G..We had a new lesson as we had learned two songs outside, it was lots of fun.


By Teagan and Mackenzie