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Courageous Advocates!

Christingles for The Children's Society

Year 6 held their Christingle Light Ceremonies at home during Inter-Faith Week and raised £58.40 to help bring light to darkness. They have all sent a message of hope to spread light to those in need.

MacMillan Charity Cupcake Bakers!

As we were unable to hold our annual coffee morning to raise funds for MacMillan, we held a cupcake competition instead!


The winner of the 'Decorate a cake' competition is Martha from Year 2 for her wonderful mermaid cakes. The emails sent by parents are lovely and tell us all about the generosity of our children who have shared their baking creations with friends, family and neighbours - it is so heart-warming. We've had lots of rainbows and unicorns, including multi-coloured sponges as well as icing and sprinkles. Amazing cake "burgers" too, made entirely out of sweet stuff, and even a caterpillar made out of cupcakes. Very inventive. Congratulations to one family who did not let the lack of a working oven deter them - microwave sponges made from scratch! That shows resilience and perseverance!! All the photos of children at work in their kitchens are absolutely amazing and we are so proud of you all!! We raised an amazing £83.00!!

Coronavirus Pandemic

Supporting Charities

Lots of children at St Laurence like Matilda, Frankie and Finlay, Lily and George,  are advocates of change; they want to make a difference to other's lives, no matter how big or small. Matilda, who emptied her money box and donated the contents to a local children's hospice. What a compassionate act! Find our 'Charity Ambassador's' display to discover what other acts of kindness have been carried out.

Breaktime Buddies!

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Some girls in Y2 took it upon themselves to make a change to our playtime routines. They came up with the idea to become breaktime buddies to ensure all children are following the rules at playtime and do not feel lonely or left out. They help cheer children up, or be a friendly face or plan games and activities to ensure everyone has a happy playtime. Well done, girls!