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Reception 20-21 Christian Value: Love

‘Let all that you do be done in love.’

1 Corinthians 16:14

Our class teacher is Miss Harrison and our teaching assistant is Mrs Hornbuckle.


In Reception class, we learn through a balance of child initiated and adult led activities but both are lead through play and active learning. Play allows children to learn new skills as well as consolidate and build on existing knowledge and skills. We call play ‘choosing our learning’.  This is when children explore the indoor and outdoor classroom and engage in purposeful provision aimed at allowing children to practice and apply previous learning whilst being scaffolded by an adult who interacts and co plays alongside them.  Here children develop skills of a lifelong learner such as problem solving, social interactions, resilience and independence to name but a few! Children always have access to outdoor learning so please ensure they have a pair of wellingtons at school at all times and you may wish to provide waterproofs. We do have spare waterproofs for children who need them.


Please see the Reception timetable for more specific information about the school day.


We invite parents into school at the start of every school day to support their child with independence in hanging up their coats and organising their reading book/snack and self-registering by selecting their choice of lunch. Then parents can help their child complete ‘morning activity’ for 5 minutes before registration. Morning activities include name writing, number recognition and counting and reading tasks. This time also allows for parents to share any information they feel relevant about their child for the school day ahead or seek ideas on how to support with home school learning with myself or Mrs Hornbuckle.



We place a great emphasis on reading at St Laurence’s Primary School and our main aim is to instil a love of reading in children. In Reception we read stories daily and we ask that you do at home too. We send picture books weekly for you to read to your child and we also have a BooK Swap box in Reception that can be used as frequently as you may wish. Simply bring in a book that you have read and exchange it for another book in the box and enjoy! We have 20 favourite books which we listen and learn throughout the year and we bring stories alive through drama and role play. When children have the necessary skills to blend sounds together and read words we will begin to send home phonic reading books. These books often lack new vocabulary and imaginative story lines as they are aimed at developing early reading.  So in order to maintain children’s love of books we ask that you continue to emerge your child in exciting stories read or told by yourself each night too.

Once children are given phonic reading books it is very important that they read every night. Reading record books should be signed by parents each evening and along with the reading book and book bag, should be brought into school every day. We aim to change reading books on Friday but will change books more frequently for those who wish. Please try to hear your child read daily, even if it's only for 5 minutes so they can build on their segmenting and blending skills. Teach Your Monster To Read can be accessed for free on a computer but will only work on an iPad if you download the app. This is a fun way to help support your child learning to read.



At the start of Reception we focus on Letters and Sounds Phase 1. We work on developing children's speaking and listening skills which lays the foundations for the phonic work which starts in Phase 2. We aim for all children to be confident at blending (saying sounds then joining together to make the word) and segmenting (breaking a word up into individual sounds) orally before we introduce letters and sounds.

We teach children the sound and its written representation in the order of Letters and Sounds with many practical games and activies but make it more memorable by using the Read Write Inc rhymes. This also helps to support letter formation when children start to write them. We also write in pre-cursive writing so every letter starts on the line and swoops up. This helps children to progress to joined up writing later in the school.

When learning sounds, we will send home stickers that detail the sounds for that week along with some words to read and some Tricky words to learn by sight.

We hold a phonic workshop in Autumn term to help with the teaching and learning of phonics.



We ask that you read to your child daily for 10 minutes and once children receive phonics reading books that they read daily too. Please ensure you are working on the phonics stickers each week too.

 In summer term we will send homework which may be one piece of literacy/ maths per week. This will go home on the Friday evening and must be returned by the following Wednesday.



We have a sunshine reward system. Children start each day on the rainbow. They move themselves to the sunshine for positive behaviour and receive a sunshine sticker at the end of each day. 10 sunshine stickers allows for a dip in the prize box. For negative behaviours children will be warned verbally but persisting behaviour will lead to them going onto the rain cloud or thunderstorm (but this is a rarity). If this happens children will be supported to redeem themselves as we guide children to follow the rules with more of focus on the positives.

Children can also be nominated for the Friday worship stickers by any member of staff or welfare assistants.  For outstanding effort or success children may be awarded the Superstar award and a ‘Writer of the week’ certificate too!



PE kit in a suitable bag: White T-Shirt, Blue or Black Shorts and Plimsolls. PE will be on Thursday morning. This may alter when P.e. is led by Chorley School Sports Partnership. No jewellery should be worn during PE. If children have pierced ears they will need have had them removed at home in order to participate in the PE lessons. Long hair should also be tied back for safety reasons. Please ensure that PE kits are in school and all items are named. If PE kits are not in school, unfortunately children will not be able to participate. Children are required to wear pumps/trainers for PE.

Winter uniform: White or Light Blue Shirt or Blouse and Tie*, Long or Short Grey Trousers / Grey Skirt or Pinafore, Royal Blue Pullover or Cardigan

Summer uniform: White or Grey Socks, Shoes or Sandals. Royal Blue/White Gingham Dress, Royal Blue or White Polo Shirt  *The ties are blue with a stripe (elasticated) for Early Years. (Both are obtainable from school.)

all hope that your child has a happy and successful start to school life in our Reception class, and that you enjoy sharing their learning with us.


Class Worship-What the Ladybird Heard

This half term we have story mapped the book ‘What the Ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson’. We performed this during our class worship but changed the story based on other learning. The story was based on Number Bond who was searching for 10 thieves. He found 8 but had 2 remaining. Suddenly a ladybird appeared and whispered into his ear to tell him here the last 2 criminals were. Surely enough she led them to Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len on their mission to steal the fine prize cow!




Week 4-What do wild things like to eat?

This week in honour of Judith Kerr we read the story ‘The Tiger who came to tea.’ We talked about wild animals and what they eat. We learnt about food chains and words carnivore and herbivore and what this means. We noticed what type of teeth herbivores have to carnivore and discussed the reasons behind this. We made food chains.

Week 3- How do wild things change? (Chameleons)

This week we learnt about animals such as chameleons that can change to survive. We mixed colors and used different sizes of brushes to add detail to a chameleon based on the environment that it was it to make it camouflaged.


Week 2: What do wild things look like?

This week we found out about animal groups. We were able to sort birds and fish easily but we learnt about mammals, amphibians and reptiles. We looked closely at animal skins and used a range of techniques to paint them, mixing colours and creating spots and stripes with masking tape.

We talked about adaptation and how animals have a particular appearance for survival for example polar bears have large paws for walking through the snow and blubber to keep warm in the snow. Bertie brought in a book which we shared called ‘Atlas of Animal Adventures’ which showed were in the world the animals are from, what their habitat is like and features of their appearance.

 Week 1:Where do wild things live?

This week we learnt about habitats around the word in particular rain forests, savannahs and the artic. We used our knowledge of the globe to guess where these places may be knowing already that the further from the equator the colder it is. The children sorted the animals into the correct habitat and found that some animals could be found in more than one.

Week 6- Why do we celebrate Easter? (Easter Story)

We learnt the Easter story and acted out all of the parts. We then wrote the story using the pictures from our role play. We also practiced reading phase 3 words on Easter eggs and doing bunny hops along words outdoors for this weeks challenges.

 On Friday we had a letter from the Easter bunny telling us that she had been delivering a giant egg to our classroom when she had tripped and it has smashed into pieces. She needed our help. We went on an egg hunt around the garden. We found egg shells everywhere and they had numbers and letters on. We talked about what that could mean and decided to order the numbers. Once we had done that one of the children suggested that there could be a message on the back and sure enough it said ‘Look under a box in the hall’. In the hall we found Easter lollies for everyone. Great team work and detective skills Reception.


Worship Day

This week we had a Worship Day to learn all about our class value LOVE. What better way than to learn about love than having a wedding. Father Neill wed Layla and Viran in a pretend church ceremony whilst children played the roles of bridesmaids, ushers, best men, father and mother of the groom and bride and more.

Afterwards we talked about all the people you love at the wedding to include friends and family. We also discussed how we can love places and objects and we wrote lists of these. Most of all we learnt that ‘God is Love’ and our scripture ‘Let all that you do be done in Love’ 1 Corinthians 16:14.

Week 5- What happens in Spring? (new life)

This week we went on a spring hunt in the garden. We planted dafodils around school to remind us of spring each year they grown.


We also learnt about the Hindu Faiths celebration of Holi Festival. We read the story behind the festival and learnt a little about the religion noticing what was the same/different. We then threw paint by splattering it onto T-Shirts. It was great fun!

Week 4: What is a life cycle? (tadpoles, caterpillars)

This week we notice that our caterpillars were beginning to spin silk around themselves. This must be the chrysalis. We acted out the stages of a caterpillar to butterfly, paying attention to what we had learnt from non-fiction books e.g. butterflies lay eggs under leaves to hide away from predators!

We created butterflies life cycle collages using pasta to represent each stage. We know about the chick life cycle too!


Week 3:Who lives in the garden? (mini-beasts)

This week all the children used their masks from homework and their information to teach us about animals in our garden. We learnt some amazing facts. We also looked closely at minibeasts to find things that were the same and different about them and sorted them into Venn Diagrams.


This week we also had a visitor to school that arrived in a cardboard box. He wasn’t like any creature we had seen in our gardens before. He was the size of a frog and blue. He had boggly eyes and a spiky tail. We made him a bed and fed him some dog food and gave him some water to drink. The very next day we had another delivery of a story called ‘Bog Baby’ about a little girl who wanted to keep him as a pet but he got sick. In the end Bog Baby had to be returned to his natural habitat so that he was happy and would not get sick again. We talked about animals and their habitats and how they need to be were they can survive best. We linked this to our chicks. Just like Chrissy found it hard saying goodbye to Bog Baby, we found it hard saying goodbye to our chicks but we know they are going to be living on a farm instead of in their little cage where they may not be happy for much longer as they grown into chickens!

Topic Web Summer Term 1


Our Class Chicks

On Monday the 4th of March we had a special delivery of 2 chicks and 8 eggs with an incubator. We watched and waited excitedly for the remaining chicks to hatch out of the eggs. After 24 hours (and when they were fluffy) we moved them into a new home with a mat to stop them slipping, a heater to resemble the mother hen, some water and some chick crumb for them to eat. We cared for them, holding them gently and cleaning out their cage. We named the chicks by all writing our ideas and then  picking them out of a hat. Their names where Fluffy, Wispy Wing, Silky, Heart and Riley. We had 5 chicks that hatched successfully.

We used nonfiction books to find out lots of facts about chicks and hens. Did you know it takes 21 days for an egg to hatch? Also chicks hatch by using an egg tooth to peck at the shell. Finally they have around 30 different chick sounds when they cheap. We know so much about chicks now. We are going to tell you lots that we know.


We also enjoyed playing in our class Flower Shop, making bouquets, taking orders and writing messages to go with the flowers. We learnt about the different parts of s flower and what they need to be able to grow.







Week 2- What is a fruit and what is a vegetable?

This week we sorted fruits and vegetables and found out that fruits have seeds inside. We were suprsed to find out that peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are all fruits.

We found out about where fruits and vegetables grow for example a carrot is actually the root of the plant therefore a root vegetable and fruit grows on tree.

We made transient art pictures using fruit and vegetables and gave them titles.


We also learnt about the Parable of The Sower this week and used our learning from last week to talk about why the seeds wouldn’t grown on the path or rock. We planted seeds of our own to grow Cress. It looks like we have silly hair!!!



Week 1: Week 1- How does your garden grow? (Jack and the Beanstalk)

 This week when we arrived at school a Beanstalk had grown in our classroom. During the school day there was a HUGE letter left on the carpet along with a Giant Pencil. The letter was from a Giant who had been to our cass and taken away all his Giant (Capital) letters. We went on a capital letter hunt around the classroom finding out their names and saying their sounds.

We enjoyed matching lowercase and uppercase letters as well as rapping the ABC Rap!






Splash Party!

To celebrate the end of our topic on water we had a splash party. We dressed up in Waterproof clothes and put up our umbrellas. We were splashed by a hose and enjoyed hiding behind our umbrellas and jumping over the hose. After we explored lots of water toys, making fountains and connecting pipes to make water slides. We even painted with water/paint and large rollers on the playground. Some children went for cover in the den! We had a splashing afternoon!



Week 6- British Values Week

What a fun filled week we have had this week. We were visited by the ‘Pop Project’ on Monday who took us on a journey around Britain playing music whilst we sang and danced along. They talked about what it means to be British and what type of person we should be. We then had fun learning in Reception where we dressed up and made a class ‘Guess Who’ board to celebrate our differences, along with learning about individual liberty in Year 1 and Commitment to Charity in year 2. Later in the week we had a workshop with a Magistrate learning about a ‘stolen handbag’. Most children thought the robber was Burglar Bill! Then we got to have a ride in a Police Van and try on shields and riot hats.

Finally we learnt about tolerance by finding out about a different Faith. A friend in Year 2 was kind enough to answer our questions and show us his special Qur’an and clothing that he wears to Mosque.


Week 5: How does Water Move?

This week we watched videos of waterfalls, lagoons, and geysers from around the world and located them on the globe. We build a dam and some fountains outside.


Balance Biking

Chorley Sports Partnership came to train us up in using balance bikes. They taught us how to avoid obstacles, change directions, and how to stop. We played racing games against each other!

Hettie, Paige, Martha, Freddie, Henry and Jack all took part in a Balance Bike Festival representing our school. They had a great time and we even had some children who won a race!


Week 4- Who else might live by the sea? (Pirates, mermaids)

This week we learn about all things pirates. We played buried treasure with phase 3 sounds. We created treasure maps and we

Week 5-built ships outdoors and walked the plank. We even learnt to talk like pirates ‘Aaaaarggghhh!’.





Week 3: What is ice?

We know ice is just water melted when it’s colder than 0 degrees. Jack Frost had left ice in our outdoors some mornings this week and we explored it trying to melt it by smashing it and warming it in our hands.

We used a globe to locate icy countries and discussed that these where furthest away from the equator. We also learnt about animals that live in snow and ice such as penguins whose eggs are cared for by the Dad whilst the Mum goes hunting. One of our challenges was to carry a penguin egg (ball) safely back to the Mummy Penguin. Other challenged included playing ‘Pile up Penguin’ and ‘Penguin Peril’ using our fine motor control.

In literacy we have learnt the story map of ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ so we wrote the story!


Snow Day!!!

We had great fun this week playing in the snow. We made footprints in the snow, snow angels and best of all we made a Snow boy and a Showgirl and dressed them in our uniforms. We had great fun exploring the weather today.



Week 2: Where does the Sea come from?

This week we have read the book ‘The drop goes plop’. We made collage water cycles and described how the water is heated by the sun into the cloud, the clouds get bigger and soon rain starts to fall. It travels down the mountains, sometimes in our homes and cleaning stations and back into the sea where the cycle happens all over. We even learn some really tricky words like ‘evaporated’.

This week we made a really disgusting sandwich using worms, blood, eye balls and sick. This sandwich is so disgusting it would stop the pesky seagulls in our story The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’.

Week 1:What lives under the sea?

This week we have found out that our topic this half term is ‘Water, Water…Everywhere!”. We talked about what we already know and what we want to find out next. We read the story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ and we are able to act out the story together in our role play. We have also been sending words and sentences to each other to read on a zip line, as in the story. Finally we named creatures that live under the sea and talked about how they live in different seas and oceans all over the world. We drew a real Sea Bass. Finally we did some fish tasting. Many of us tasted seafood that we had never tried before including cod, prawns, mussels and crab.

The children described the seafood that they tasted as fishy, salty, crunchy, soft, chewy and more.

Bauble Lights Came to Visit Reception Class!

On December the 3rd an Elf made a grand entrance into our classroom on a paper airplane which turned out to be a letter addressed to us. In the letter it explained that he was coming to Reception class so that he could report back on us to Santa and how whilst he was there he was sure to get up to mischief. He asked us to name him so we each thought of a Christmas name and picked two out of a hat. His name was Bauble Lights!. He also brought us all a diary with our names on so that we could write everyday about what he had been up to in our classroom. He was a very cheeky little elf!


Just look what he got up to!!!




Christmas Fun!



We had a great time practicing and performing in our first school Nativity. The girls were angels and the boys sheep.

We also performed in a Nativity at St. Laurence’s Church.

We know the story of Jesus’ birth really well now! Some of us acted it out with puppets whilst others wrote the story. We even made stables in the construction area using the wooden bricks.


 Here are some other Christmas activities that we loved!



We have also been like little elves in Santa’s workshops preparing Christmas cards and treats to take home. We made Christmas Cards, calendars, reindeer food, a Christmas angel, a star tree decoration and some hot chocolate reindeer cones. It was so much fun!


Week 5 : What powers do superheroes have?

This week we used all our super learning powers to complete our missions. We wrote invitations for our family members to come to a superhero challenge party. We had 10 missions to complete that helped us to develop skills in Communication and Language, Reading, Writing, Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design. We had so much fun!!!

Here are some photographs from the day!

All children and grown ups completed their missions and we were all able to go on the Mission Complete board and we even won a prize!

Week 4: What do Superheroes look like? (Supertato)

This week we read the story Supertato. We hot seated the poor cucumber, carrot and broccoli and completed lots of challenges to capture evil pea and rescue Supertato. We word rapped the new vocabulary from the story and added it to our vocabulary tree. Why not ask us about what these words mean: crime, distress, villain, strength, escape, vanished!

We created a story map to help us retell the story and used the props in the library.

Evil Pea made our tricky words vanish so we used our superpowers to find them again!

We wrote, shopping lists, speech bubbles and even the story!!!


We also made our own Supertato by attaching sticky tape for his eye mask and belt and cutting out material for a cape. We also glued on googly eyes and gave him a special logo for his belt!Here are our Supertatos!

Week 3: Who will rescue us from villains?

Over the weekend Reception class has been visited by an intruder, who smashed the window and left footprints around the classroom. We checked the CCTV to find a Burglar in a stripey t-shirt with black mask and hat creeping around the room and taking our property such as a pen, a clock, a cup and Miss Harrison’s scarf and coat, to name but a few. We wrote ‘Wanted’ posters thinking about his appearence. On Wednesday we went to visit Chorley Police station to report the crime. The Police officer told us how he had been arrested and went by the name of ‘Burglar Bill’ and took us to see him in a real police cell. He returned our property and told us he wouldn’t steal ever again!. Whilst there, we learnt all about the police uniform and kit and had a sit in the back of a police van, listening to the siren! We had so much fun!!!

Week 2: Who will rescue us from a fire?

This week we have talked about how firefighters are superheros. We talked about their job and how they staf safe. We played with a firestation, wrote firework words and make firework transient art pictures. We even sprayed out tricky word fires with our hoses.

We had a visitor from a Firefighter who He talked to us about the different emergencies that he has to attend including fires, car crashes and rescuing people from high up and deep waters. He told about the protective clothing that he needs to keep safe including a mask so that he doesn’t inhale the smoke and the fire proof suit he must wear to protect himself from being burnt. He had a race with some children in class and talk about how fast they must get dressed when it is an emergency. Finally we went out on the playground to find out what equipment is onboard a fire engine. We saw a giant fan, giant scissors and hoses of different lengths. We enjoyed squirting the hose and listened to the Fire engines siren, Nee Naw, Nee Naw! It was great fun!!!


Remembrance Days: 100 year Anniversary

Soldiers are superheros too. We remember all the soldiers who have fought and been injured or lost their lives 100 years ago in WW1 and recently. We watched the poppy video about the rabbit during the war and the hope they was brought when poppies grew on the battlefield. We made poppies and did fingerprint art work of a poppy field. Grace brought in a photograph of her Great Grandad who fought in the war who turned 99 last week. We performed a poetry recital in front of the whole school. Ask us to recite the poem to you using the visual aid.

Week 1: What is a superhero?

This week we talked about what we already know and what we want to find out. We brought in our costumes that we made at home with our family and talked about what superhero name and power we had. 

Autumn 2 Topic overview