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Eco across our School Curriculum

All classes in our school are engaged in Eco-based activities throughout the school year: for example, learning about the diversity of living things on Earth, how and why things grow, exploring our world, engaging as global citizens. These are embedded in our curriculum and we are always trying to find ways to make being Eco simply a part of what we do and what we learn, so we become the responsible and sustainable citizens of the future.


Life cycles and Butterflies

Learning about Our World

Outdoor Classroom

Year 1

Living Things and Habitats

Year 2

Creative Writing - Letters to Cool Milk


Y2 noticed that milk ordered from Cool Milk came in cartons and single use plastic straws. We found that we couldn't recycle the cartons in our school waste. So we asked Cool Milk if we could have milk in bottles instead. Y2 have now put their writing skills to good use with our thank you letters to Cool Milk: they have swapped the cartons & plastic straws for recyclable bottles, and sent us 60 cups as well! We love healthy milk and we love reducing our waste even more. 

Year 3

Year 4

Orienteering (PE)


Year 4 have enjoyed their first OAA PE session of Orienteering in our extensive school grounds. Lots of team work and communication being used to find each area. The course has been specifically designed for us, using the wide variety of features and areas of interest in our gardens. We love learning outdoors!

Year 6

Chorley Flower Show with John Everest