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Year 3 20-21 Christian Value: Respect

Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government. ‘

1 Peter 2:17

Welcome to Year 3!


Our class teacher is Mrs Lawman and our teaching assistant is Mrs Watson.  Mrs Taylor also visits us.


We aim to help every child make the jump from KS1 to KS2 as smoothly as possible.  It is a big step for the children, more responsibilities but also so many opportunities to make the most of.  Our mantra this year is


We can't do this...YET!




Good work and behaviour is rewarded in a variety of ways.

  • The children can earn Golden tickets for excellent work.
  • Team points are available from all members of stafffor superb behaviour.
  • The children can earn glass pebbles to add to a class pot.  When the pot is full we all get a treat!
  • Children can also be nominated for Friday stickers and certificates.


Our Golden rules are:

Try your best.

Be kind.


We hope you enjoy the year!

Topic Web Summer Term 1

We love our Foodimals project in DT

Right Start Road Safety Training

Friday 28th June 2019

After such a fun filled week there are no new spellings or homework this Friday.  If the children want to look ahead to next week they could investigate classic poetry and find a poem they particularly like or maybe create a pictogram or bar chart using their own choice of data.

International Sports Week

Printing People in Motion

Friday 17th May

Homework this week is My Maths.

Friday 10th May

Homework this week is a comprehension sheet and spellings.  There are still some pieces of outstanding MyMaths homework.  

Friday 26th April

Homework this week is on MyMaths.

Targets have also been sent home.  As the maths target is x table related, don't forget to use TTRockstars.  It's great fun!

We have started the term looking at play scripts.  We hope you enjoy these photos.

What a performance!

Welcome back Year 3!

Homework 22/03/19


Homework this week is an activity on telling the time on MyMaths.



As part of our topic on 'How we move' we are investigating how worms move.  Do they have a skeleton? How do they use their muscles?  What is the scientific name for animals without skeletons?

Worm Hunt



We have been learning how to tell the time - please take any opportunity to work on this at home.

In English we are studying The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  We created freeze frames based on the plot of Chapter 2.

The Iron Man

RE 14th March 2019

12th March 2019


In RE we have been focusing on the contrasting emotions of sadness and joy throughout Holy Week.  We asked questions after looking at thought provoking pictures then created some art work of our own.

Pictures to follow!

15th February 2019

Well,  we have come to the end of another half term.  The children in Year 3 have worked really hard over the last six weeks and are ready for a break.  THERE IS NO HOMEWORK.  Enjoy the holidays, have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Lawman

Another special guest...A barrister came to talk to us about his job as part of British Values week.

British Values Week

Coducting a rock survey

Wednesday 6th February


We conducted a Rock Survey this afternoon,  it was great fun!  We took clipboards and noted down our findings.

We wanted to discover what the bedrock in in Chorley and look at how man-made and natural rocks and stones have been used for different jobs.

Friday 1st February


The children have been asked to create a story map for homework based on their adventure story plan.  It should include when their characters meet for the first time, when they collect items from the tip and when their characters invent a new object from recycled materials.

Number Day

Still image for this video
A measures song.

Friday 1st February


We have had a great NSPCC Number Day!  We did practical weighing work where we were trying to make 1kg using bags of rice.  We also played Millionaires Measures on My Maths (Mrs Lawman says we could play this again for homework).  In the afternoon we played a a bingo game where we had to answers questions on adding and subtracting masses.  The questions were stuck all around the classroom!

We also sang a song about measures!  A VERY busy day!



  in maths we played counting up in 4. in English we wrote  sentences  about conjunctions

 since we are learning about anti-bullying. in re we answered some  questions about how an angel is showing god in a picture









31st October 2018

Such wonderful pieces of homework on Egyptian Pyramids have arrived into school this week!  Thank you and well done!

12th October 2018


The homework this weekend is to collect materials, from around the house or outside, to build a Sukkah.  If they struggle in any way there is no need to worry as we will have ideas and materials to share in class.


Hopefully there will be some superb Sukkah photographs coming to the blog very soon!

Class Blog

10th October 2018

I really enjoyed doing mummification instructions because Ancient Egypt is my favorite subject. (Eliot)

I really loved doing the lesson on the Egyptian Gods because I get to learn about all the Ancient Egyptian Gods. They're really interesting and really weird. (Ethan)




Friday 13th July 2018

This week we finished our adventure stories and then we went to the author's chair and read them. In Maths we measured perimeters of regular and irregular 2d shapes. On Wednesday we had sports day and it was great fun .


Libby and Ava.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Friday 29th June                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In class 3 we have been on  two school  trips.  One was to Ribchester one was to St Michael's.  We did a science  lesson at St Michael's and we made a tall tower out of pasta and marshmellows.  We went to Ribchester Roman muesum  where we met a man called Patrick who showed us around the museum.  We also did  assessments because it was assessment week . We did a reading test about Sanji  the baker and one about making a treasure map.  We also did PE which was lots of fun .           


 By Georgie and Oliver  year 3.

Friday 15th June 2018


In class 3 we have learned Egyptian numerals and done sums with add and subtract. We did 20 times tables and divided by 10. In Topic we wrote our names in Egyptian letters. In Science we made vases and flowers out of paper and card. Also in English we  wrote a story about badgers and walking in to the forest.  In P.S.H.E we did rainbows about people who we like and love.


By Emma and Alesha.

This week we have had a lot of fun. On Monday we did lots of poems witch was really fun.For Maths we did division . We did science with Mr Eaves and we made shadow puppets. On Tuesday we wrote poems in our English Lesson. In maths we did more division. Wednesday was when we did history, which was about the Romans and Boudicca.In english we did more poems

Summer 1 week 6


In Year 3 this week we have been doing lots of fun things.  On Monday we did a lot of poems which was really good fun and in  Maths we did division.  We also did Science and made our shadow puppets ready for our shadow puppet plays.  We will show you some photos when we do the performances.


Ava and Lucas  

Summer 1 week 5


This week in year 3 we learnt about .....word families . Do you know what word families are? 

Word families use prefixes and suffixes, for example help, helpful, unhelpful. 

                                         Fun  Run


We had a royal fun run to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  We wore red, white and blue.


   Written by Joshua and Annabel.             

Summer 1 Week 3


This week in maths we have been learning about volume, time and we did a mini test. In English we learned   

about determiners , a non chronological report on the Celts and  Boudicca , In SPAG (spelling punctuation and grammar). We also did PSHE we learned about money and what we want but not essential, what we need and what could do without. In PE  we did invading games, chess pass and bounce pass.


by James and Rachel

Summer 1 Week 2


This week in year 3 we have been learning about time in Maths. In English we have been writing play scripts about the Iron Man and some people have performed some plays in front of the class. We have also made up our own. Another subject that we learnt about in Maths is measurements.


By Alesha and George.




Congratulations to Alesha and Lucas, our School Council representatives, and to Arlo and Megan, our Eco Team members!


We are very pround of you!

We follow the 'Lancashire Themed Booklets' support materials..  Please open the attached PDF file and scroll down to the Year 3 page to find out about our 2017-2018 curriculum.