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Year 2 20-21 Christian Value: Forgiveness

Tolerate the weaknesses of those in the family of faith, forgiving one another in the same way you have been forgiven.’ Colossians 3:13

Welcome to Year Two



Our teacher is Mr Knowles, and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wood. 


Autumn 1 Topic Web

Autumn 2 Topic Web

Important Days -


PE - PE will take place on a Monday and Friday afternoon.  Can we ask that all children have the required PE kit that is listed within the 'Equipment' section below.


Homework and spellings - this will be given out on Friday and should be returned by the following Friday.  It is vital the children attempt their homework, particularly spelling as it will aid their learning throughout the year.


Reading -

We place a great emphasis on reading at St Laurence’s Primary School and feel it is very important that the children read every night. Reading record books should be signed by parents to indicate the page reached each evening.  We aim to change reading books on Wednesdays and Fridays,  so please ensure that books along with records are in on those days.



Children will recieve team points for their work in their books, these go towards their team houses and the winning team gets extra play time at the end of the half term.

Golden time will be take on Fridays and will involved games, activities or an extra play time. 

Children can also be nominated for the Friday worship stickers. Children can be nominated by any member of staff or Pals (junior children who assist infant children at playtimes). We also nominate a Superstar of the week, who receives a certificate in worship on Fridays and a spot on the Top table at lunchtime.


Equipment (Please ensure all items are clearly named) -

School bag

PE kit in a suitable bag: White T-Shirt, Blue or Black Shorts and trainers.

Winter uniform: White or Light Blue Shirt or Blouse and Tie*, Long or Short Grey Trousers / Grey Skirt or Pinafore, Royal Blue Pullover or Cardigan

Summer uniform: White or Grey Socks, Shoes or Sandals. Royal Blue/White Gingham Dress, Royal Blue or White Polo Shirt *The ties are blue with a stripe (elasticated) for Early Years. (Both are obtainable from school.)


What we're up to in Year 2

As well as working hard in our English and Maths, we spend a lot of time in the afternoons researching and learning about our topic.



As we continue our learning, I will update this page with things that we have done.

Mr Knowles.

Class blog

Summer 1 Week 1

We have been straight back into working hard in Year 2 after a wonderful half term. We have begun our English topic of Roald Dahl as well as exploring place value in Maths. We have all enjoyed playing on the new playground markings in the playground, discovering and creating lots of new games.

Spring 2 Week 4


Our study of the local area has focused on the types of houses that are in Chorley and where we might find terraced, detached or semi-detached houses. After exploring maps we began to design and build our own houses for the local area and they all look amazing!

Spring 2 Week 3

This week we have carried on our work with recounts, focusing on verbs and adverbs we can use. Next week we will be starting a new topic of writing, focusing on describing settings and characters. In art we have looked at how we can mix paints to create a range of colours and had lots of fun doing so.

Spring 1 Week 5

An exciting week in Year 2 as we focused on our new English topic of stories in familiar settings. We retold the story of 'Peace at Last' through actions, explored vocabulary we could use to describe each setting and even had a chance to interview Mr Bear about his nights sleep. The class created some wonderful questions to ask him from what we read in the story.

Spring 1 Week 4

We have had a very busy and exciting week this week and although it has been snowing we have completed lots of work. In maths we have concentrated on data, collecting information before thinking about how we can present it. In English, we designed our own snow-people before creating recounts about them coming to life. We then had chance to make these in the playground. We have carried on with our Kandinsky art-work, thinking about which shapes we can use as well as beginning to develop our use of tone.

Spring 1 Week 1


We have had a very busy first week back. Our topic for the half term is All about Us, and we have started by exploring atlases to locate countries, cities and landmarks within the UK. We also had lots of fun using the < > symbols within our active maths lesson, comparing a range of measures, numbers and scales.

Autumn 2 Week 8


Our first full term has come to an end and we are all very proud of how hard the children have been working. This week we had lots of fun at our Christmas party, with lots of dancing, prize, Christmas jumpers and games.


We have also finished our designing and making our structures for an explorer. It was amazing to see lots of teamwork and resilience when we were building our structural frames and all of the finished products look amazing!

Autumn 2 Week 5


The KS1 production is well under way and Year 2 are working extremely hard to make it as amazing as we can. I am so proud of all the children as they have worked tirelessly to learn lines, positions, stage directions, song lyrics, dances and more! We can't wait to share our production with everyone over the next few weeks.

Autumn 2 Week 4


This week our explorers topic moved on to science. We have had a busy week carrying out lots of investigations all about materials and their properties. First we investigated materials that are absorbent before looking into which materials are waterproof. We have also been discussing which materials are suited for a particular purpose. All this information will be useful when we start to design and build our own explorers shelter over the next few weeks.

Autumn 2 Week 2


A very busy week filled with lots of learning and reflection. This week out focus was on Remembrance and how we remember the sacrifices of so many people. The children created a range of wonderful poppies for the 100 year anniversary, thinking hard about images that reflect peace, love, hope and kindness. In Maths we enjoyed collecting a range of data as well as continuing our work on gymnastics with the SSP.

Autumn 2 Week 1


Our first week back has been a busy one. Our Topic focus has been The Gunpowder Plot, and the children have produced a range of wonderful poems, wanted posters and descriptions themed around this. We have Chorley SSP in on Friday afternoons and have enjoyed developing our Gymnastic Skills.

Autumn 1 Week 7


Well our first half term in Year 2 has come to an end and all the children have worked incredibly hard. This week our focus was on 2D and 3D shapes, particularly on the language we used to describe them. We had lots of fun playing the describing game with our partners as well as going on a symmetry walk around the school to try and spot symmetrical objects.



Autumn 1 Week 6


This week we have had a big focus on reasoning. We have had a go at some tricky problems, using our understanding of numbers and calculations to find an answer. Everyone has shown fantastic resilience throughout the week and have even started to enjoy the challenge!

Autumn 1 Week 5


We have had a very busy week, filled with learning. We have had a large focus on subtraction while also practising our times tables. We have written some wonderful letters linking to the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' and are ready to start writing our own stories based on this.

Autumn 1 Week 3


This week we have covered a large range of skills from worship and measuring, to tennis and weighing. We had lots of fun measuring how tall we all are, as well as comparing the weight of objects from around the classroom.

Autumn 1 Week 2


We have had another busy week in Year 2. We explored the bible, looking at the different books as well as what it teaches Christians. In maths we have continued to explore place value as well as practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We also created some very scary giants in English, ready to include them in our own traditional stories next week. Our new school council representatives were voted in during our voting day, congratulations to Ava and Noah, who will be wonderful representatives for year 2.

Autumn 1 Week 1


We have had a very busy first week back and I am very proud of all the children in year 2 who have worked hard, been motivated and had fun. We have learnt about Jack and the Beanstalk and wrote a range of questions to ask the Giant, as well as creating our own story maps for the story. In topic, we used maps to locate a range of countries in the continent of Africa.

Friday 13th July

In English we have been doing invitations for Titanic to our friends.  We have been learning about different types of letters.  In Maths we  have been rounding up numbers to the nearest 10.  We have done guided reading and we practiced our show  for Adam and  Aurora.  Then we did some memories for Adam and decided who would say them in the show.


Olivia and Faith

Sumer 1 Week 3

We learnt the Smiley face method to help us add two two digit numbers.   In English we have been writing wind in the willows stories and made up actions for them. We have written down what the weather has been like each day this week and looked at how it has changed.


By Charlie and Amelie


Week 5 Summer 1 Class Blog


On Tuesday we did music and are song is called friendship song.

On wensday we did re on churches and we writ in our books on questions on the churches.

On Thursday we did some fractions and we also did some sats papaers


Loads of them and they where very hard to do

on Friday we did some maths quizzes and at the end of the day we did some show and tell .and we did p.e 

with Mr Openshaw.


Summer 1 week 7


This week we have been learning different methods for subtraction and addition for 2 and 3 digit numbers!


We have wrote letters as Mr Toad from the Wind in the Willows and also letters to our partners in the class.


Also we went on the grass in PE and practised some athletics circuits and races each other in relay races.