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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium funding is additional funding given to schools to support pupils who are eligible. There are a variety of reasons why your child may be entitled to this funding which includes:

  • If they are on Free School Meals or have been at any point in the last 6 years
  • If they are a Looked After Child (in the care of the Local Authority)
  • If they have previously been a Looked After Child and are now adopted from care or are under a Special Guardianship Order or a Child Arrangements Order or a Residence Order
  • If they have a parent in the military or has been in the military over the past 5 years or are in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence


Pupil Premium at St Laurence’s Primary School


We are passionate about ensuring that our Pupil Premium Pupils are well supported through a range of targeted strategies which are reviewed regularly by Senior Leaders and Governors. Strategies are evidence-based and our school leaders take into account national research, as well as reviewing approaches that have been used in school, to determine whether they have been effective for our children or not. This academic year (2020-2021) the school has been allocated £42,970 of funding.


Please click on the links below to find out how we spent the funding last year and its impact on pupils, as well as our approach to how we will spend the funding this year; the barriers our pupils face and how we will address those barriers. You can also find out how we will measure the impact of our strategies.

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Pupil Premium 2014-2015


The amount of Pupil Premium Funding received in the year 2014-2015 was £21467.96

This funding was used as follows:

  • Registration with Best Start at Astley and Buckshaw, which cost £4750 for the year. This enabled us to offer home support and parenting support to several families, some of which attract PP Funding. Parents report that they found the support useful in some cases; others have not yet taken up the offer.
  • Our SENCO was given additional time and training, including opportunities  to learn about management of Pupil Premium in order to improve our provision. This time and training amounted to £3420.
  • One member of staff attended Skoog training, to enable us to make music provision more accessible to Pupil Premium children who have speech and language difficulties. The cost of this was £120.
  • Counselling sessions have been provided, costing £810. Children reported that the sessions had helped them to cope better with issues which had troubled them.
  • Educational Psychology assessment (barrier to learning and the likely potential for development). £560
  • Two laptops and two ipads were purchased to support specific interventions such as AcceleRead. Impact will be measured as the children begin to use the system. £1000.
  • The SENCO and a TA were trained in AcceleRead, costing £290.
  • A wide variety of interventions were implemented by TAs. The total cost of these was £13613.


The total spent on our Pupil Premium children, therefore, was £24563.

The impact is available in more detail on application, but most of our children who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding have made good progress or very good progress. In 2014-2015 we had 17 pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding.