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What have we done? What are we doing?

Bird Feeders (Dec 2020)


Improving the school grounds to increase wildlife visitors in the cold winter months.

Fruit and Veg in the School Garden's Raised Beds (April 2021)


Y6 have been tending the school gardens in the dry weather and preparing the raised beds for our next round of planting (when we no longer have frosty nights). Jobs to do: water the strawberries and rhubarb, harvest last season's onions and start the weeding.

Tomato Plants across the School (May and June 2021)


Each class has been given a tomato plant to take care of and nurture. We want everyone to be responsible for looking after a plant and to know how easy it is to grow delicious food in all sorts of spaces.  There has been a serious amount of competitive behaviour breaking out and some creative naming across the school. We are hoping to have some fantastic plants to use in our exhibit for the Chorley Flower Show later in the year. 


Thank you to all our families and staff who volunteered to take the plants home for the May half-term holiday. The plants all returned looking bushy and healthy after their stay-cations.

More Bird Feeders (June 2021)


Busy Eco team at lunch time this afternoon as they put up 6 new bird feeders, for seeds and fat balls. We placed them in the trees and shrubs closest to school, right outside Mrs Marquis' office window! Although it is summer and there is plenty of food for the birds at the moment, hopefully we’ll encourage regular visitors ready for the winter. We also out up some feeders down the bottom of the field, in the mature trees.

Y2 Sunflowers (June 2021)

Y2 planted sunflowers as part of their Plants Science topic and some of these now grace the gate entrance to school. They are looking absolutely glorious and are doing a great job of attracting pollinators to the school grounds, just as we had hoped. Thank you to a parent who has snapped this beautiful shot of a honey bee on one of the sunflower heads!

Y5 Balsam Bashing in Astley Park (June 2021)


We are blessed here in our school to have the wonderful Astley Park right on our doorstep. Working with the volunteers from the Friends of Astley Park, Y5 experienced the satisfying activity that is Balsam Bashing. They learned that balsam is a beautiful plant, native to the Himalayas, which was introduced many years ago to the UK and has since run wild. It is a clever plant, brilliant at adapting and survival, so much so that is now invasive and considered a threat to indigenous wildlife. Y5 cleared a large part of the Astley Park woodland, giving our native plants a chance to re-grow and prosper. It was pretty good fun too!