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Schoolcomms is an app and email service that allows school to communicate information to you and keep you up to date with any information, letters or news that you may need. St Laurence's aim to be as eco-friendly as we can and so aim to use paperless services as often as we can. If you require a paper copy of anything that has been sent through schoolcomms, you can do so by visiting the school office.



The app allows school to send you notifications directly to your phone, giving you notifications of any news, letters or information you will need.


**It is essential that this app is kept updated to the latest version so that you continue to receive notifications.



As an alternative to the app, schoolcomms also offers an email service where all information, news or letters are emailed to you. It is important that email addresses are kept up to date and that you notify school of any changes if these occur.


Text messages


School may occasionally send out text messages when it is vital that the information is received immediately by all parents such as an unavoidable school closure. Schoolcomms remains as our primary source of contact for parents which is mainly via the email and app service.


It  is vital that parents inform school of any changes to mobile phone numbers so that records can be kept updated.




Newsletters are sent out weekly on a Friday via schoolcomms. The aim of a newsletter is to inform parents of school events throughout the week as well as notice on future events. Newsletters may also include information on church and PTFA events. Newsletters are also available on the school website. Parents are reminded to check these on a weekly basis as they contain important information.