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Education Sunday


On this special day, students, teachers and people in the community come together and celebrate the start of a new school year. We do this by bringing our new bags to be blessed by the vicar. Usually schools from the church parish come but everyone is welcome! Martha


In church, our bags were blessed by Father Neil and we got a plastic note to put inside of them to remind us we are a child of God. Maxwell


Carol Service


We went to the carol service where we sang 'Silent Night', 'Once in Royal David's City', 'Joseph was a carpenter', 'Down on the hillside', 'The bells ring out' and 'We three kings'. These songs each represented a bit in the story of the birth of baby Jesus. Year 6 also gave readings about the nativity story. Sophia


Inter-faith Week


During Inter-faith week, Year 6 went to visit the Mosque. We found out about the Qur'an (the religious book that Muslims believe in) and pronounced the letters in the Arabic alphabet. Muslims greet each other by saying 'As-salamu alaykum which is wishing peace upon one another. We learned that Muslim children go to evening classes after school from Monday to Friday to learn how to correctly read the Qur'an. It was an enjoyable trip! Amna


We visited our local Mosque. We learnt about Muslim rules and traditions. We also heard the 'Call to Pray'. I enjoyed this visit because I learned so many new things and that Christians and Muslims have different beliefs but also have so much in common. Max


Worship with Father Neil and Rev Mo


Father Neil and Rev Mo come in on a weekly basis to lead really interesting worships. We cover a variety of Christian festivals, school values and British Values which link to our monthly value - this term it is 'forgiveness'. In our worships, the children will get involved in many ways including being chosen to read some scripture. Holly