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Environmental Review Score: 5 out of 6 (Green) (May 21) ► 5 out of 6 (Green) (Oct 21)



We do lots and lots of things in school to support children to make Healthy Living choices, but we also know that we need to keep reminding people as we see things slipping from time to time. Everyone is encouraged to have a water bottle in school so they keep hydrated and everyone knows it is only supposed to have water and not juice. At break and lunch we have healthy options for meals and snacks. We do a lot to support well-being and mental health issues, particularly in our PHSE lessons, and, as well as doing PE twice a week, all classes are encouraged to do the Daily Mile and we have after school sports clubs too. Our DT curriculum has a Cooking and Nutrition project for every class in school, so that all pupils can learn cooking skills to support healthy food choices. We grow food in school in our planters, but these do need some improvement as really nasty weed keeps coming back and taking over.



- Gardening club to move and restore the planters, and consider a polytunnel so we can grow more food to share in school

- Plant fruit trees so we can eat our own fruit in school

- Investigate food waste at lunchtime and encourage children to eat the healthy part of lunch and not throw it away.



- Fruit trees on order (Nov 2021) 

- First tree planted in the orchard with the Mayor of Chorley (Nov 2021)

- Orchard trees delivered (Jan 2022)

- Gardening club have sown seeds for indoor greenhouse (tomatoes, aubergine and cucumber) Jan 2022

D&T Cooking & Nutrition Y1, Y2 & Y3 (Jan and Feb 2022)


Y1 have been learning to chop safely using the bridge and claw techniques to make a healthy fruit salad. They also tasted a range of fruits, some which children had never tried before, and discovered new tastes and textures. This tied into their English work where they have been learning to write Instructions.


Y2 learnt to make healthy sandwiches with lots of vegetables. They have been chopping, spreading and slicing, as well as discovering new tastes and textures. This also tied into their English work on Instructions.


Y3 learnt how to make a delicious healthy soup, using fresh vegetables and a variety of herbs and spices. They progressed with their chopping and grating techniques and also learnt o heat food using a hob, with adult supervision!

Fruit trees for our orchard (Jan 2022)


Our fruit trees have now been delivered - see here

First Tree planted in the Orchard (Nov 2021)


Find out more here about how the Mayor of Chorley helped us to plant the first tree, an edible cherry tree, in the area allocated for the orchard.

Growing our own food in school (April, May and June 2021)