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Environmental Review Score: 4 out of 6 (Amber) (May 21) ► 4 out of 6 (Amber) (Oct 21)


At St Laurence's we are doing quite well with our Litter score, but there are more things we need to do. We understand pretty well the impact of litter on the environment, and we all know the locations of bins in school and in the playground. We have done litter picking in the past to make sure our grounds are clear of rubbish (which is often blown in from nearby Astley Park), and children in our school are good at volunteering to help litter pick.



- More bins in school and the playground to collect our own waste (and make recycling easier).

- Organise regular litter picking for the whole school on a rota basis, so everyone is involved for a small amount of time and understands that it is everyone's responsibility to reduce litter.



- Composting caddies for both playgrounds for food waste.


Written by Millie (Y5)

Y6 Volunteers (May 2021)


Our Y6s frequently volunteer to spend some of their lunchtimes helping to clear up the school grounds and collect the litter which is often blown into our yard from nearby Astley Park.

Composting caddies for the playgrounds (May 2021)


See Waste Page for more details about the composting caddies


Y5 Volunteers (June 2021)


This month has seen the turn of the Y5s litter picking in their lunchtime. We are going to ask the School Council to organise a rota so that every class has the chance to help during the year.