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Living out our vision

Please find below some resources from Blackburn Diocese that have been designed to be used at home or school which make reference to the current lockdown situation. Children can choose any picture they find interesting to look at and discuss. They follow this by reading one of the two suggested Bible stories/texts/ They can then explore the story, its meaning and impact through a variety of activities that are 'Questful'!


The resources contain activities that are suitable for children in Yr1 – Yr6 and will be regularly updated on the website. To access the resources you simply go to the Off the Shelf page of the web site click and download. 

The first set of pictures are available to download below. 

There are further resources available for faith at home by following this link: 


Off the Shelf Activities

Holy Week at home during school closure


Katie recreated scenes from the Easter story.
Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.
Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
Jesus being crucified on the cross.

Holy Week Crosses


Many will miss the blessing and distribution of Palm Crosses on Sunday. The Blackburn Diocese would like to encourage every Christian home to make a cross in the best way they can and place it in their window, leaving it there throughout Holy Week. It can be of paper, card, wood – be as creative as you like! It will be a sign to our communities that, in the cross of Christ, all the world’s ills are healed.

Here are some crosses create by children of keyworkers.

Holy Week Crosses

Rainbows of Hope

A rainbow is said to be the symbol of hope and God’s promise of better things to come.
Y6 wrote letters for their neighbours.
Y1 created rainbows to display in their windows.
Spreading joy, hope and happiness.

This half term's BIG Question is:

Why should we forgive?


Lent Challenge – St Laurence’s giving back to the community


Each class has been set the challenge to come up with an idea for how they can involve the community and give up some of their time not money. 

Year 1 are going to support the Toddler Session at Chorley Library by performing poems, sharing stories and creating decorations for other visitors to enjoy.

Year 6 are going to support church with providing gift packs to homeless people who come for a meal on a Monday.

Reception are going to visit Chorley Police Station with letters and gifts of thanks for all they do.

Giving back to the community - Chorley Library Toddler Session

Running the Toddler Story Time Session!
Sharing stories with the toddlers.
Performing poems to the toddlers.
Giving back to our local community with our time.
Decorating the library for others to enjoy!

Reception's Lent Challenge

'We gave up our time for others.' Caydence (Year 1)


'I enjoyed reading to the Toddlers. I would like to do it again.' Bertie (Year 1)


'I liked going to the library because we made flowers to decorate the library.' Sofia (Year 1)


Spirited Arts: Art in Heaven Competition 2020


Every child created a piece of art work based on one of the following themes:

Where is God?

God's Good Earth?

Holy Words



We showcased all the pieces of work at an exhibition where our worshipping community helped judge the art work to select 10 entries to submit into the competition. The work was of a high standard which made the judging process a difficult one! 


Here are the 10 children chosen to represent St Laurence in the Spirited Arts Competition. They were awarded with a certificate and Christian Bookmark for their efforts and the top 3 pieces received some water colour pencils too. Well done to all involved! You CAN do all things through Christ who strengths you!


Isabelle (Reception), Evie (Y1), Annie (Y2), Rose (Y3), Amelia and Amelie (Y4), Sophia (Y6)

Top 3 - Jaydn (Y6), Alesha (Y5) and Ziggy (Y2)


Watch this space to find out how they get on in the national competition. Good Luck!




Mutual Respect and Tolerance

At St Laurence's, we understand that we don't all share the same beliefs and values. Visitor's are invited in to share their beliefs and we experience visits at different places of worship.  Through this, our pupils gain enhanced understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society.

What does the bible say about the word of God?

"I liked the RE lesson when we learned about why Jesus is the Son of God." Sofia - Year 4


"I liked when we did how to consider how light is used as a symbol of hope." Alex - Year 4

Asking the big questions!

Class Worships

Y4 Class Worship: Children in Need
Y5 Class Worship: Space
Y3 Class Worship: Valentine's Day and 'LOVE'
Year 6 Visit the Chorley Mosque

Year 4 and 5 visit the Synagogue in Manchester during Inter faith week

"When I went to the synagogue, I really enjoyed it because I learned about the Torah, Kippahs, Mezuzah and the Menorah. It was really interesting!" Faith - Year 4


"I enjoyed the synogogue because we got to learn about the Jewish faith more. I liked pretending to be the Rabbi. It inspired me to go and find out more about different religions. The Jewish community go to the synogogue and we saw a candle called the Menorah." Katie - Year 4


"They chose a few people to wear the Kippah. The Kippah is a hat Jewish people wear on their heads. They believe it points up to heaven." Josh - Year 5


"The synogogue is called a Shul and when you go inside it you kiss your hand and put it on the Mezuzah as a  sign of respect." Emma - Year 5



Visit to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Inter Faith week 11-15 th November 2019

"I enjoyed Inter-Faith Week because find out about world religions and we wrote prayers to God." Ruby - Year 4

KS 2 Carol concert at St Laurences church

Our KS1/EYFS production of Lights Camel Action !

Worship Warriors leading collective worship

Christian Values Exhibition 2018 - 2019

Community Projects

Class One presented an art canvas to Derian House
The canvas represented hope.

Worship Day

Sue from Derian House helped Y1 with 'Hope'.
We shared our exploration of the Christian Values.
Paralympian Visit to inspire us to be 'Excellent'.
Graham Ballard showed us his Paralympic medal.

Living out our vision in the community

Supporting Chorley Food Bank
Kayleigh's Chocolate Treats

Pencott Valley

Class One have created birthday cards for our friends at Pencott Valley School along with a friendship bracelet to show our support in making a difference to their lives. Each bead on the friendship bracelet represents something special.


A Friendship Bracelet from St Laurence


A red bead to represent love from my heart to yours.


A yellow bed to bring you sunshine to light up your world.


A blue bead to stop you feeling blue.


A white bead to bring hope for your future.


A green bead for your life to grow strong.


"I am excited to help with the library and sending books. I want school to start a fundraiser to raise money to send books over to Pencott Valley." Talisha - Year 4


"I am so excited to help Pencott Valley Primary School and help their school be as good as ours and I know it will get better with our help." Amelia - Year 4 



Prayer Flags Y6 and Reception

The Bible

Y1 Easter Gardens

Easter Worship 2019

Unitarian Chapel Visit

Remembrance Day

Visit to Chorley Cenotaph

End of Year Awards


At the end of each year, one child from each class (Rec-Y5) is awarded for their resilience, perseverance and determination thorough out the year as well as someone who has stood out demonstrating our school Christian Values. Year 6 have their own special award ceremony to celebrate their achievements at St. Laurence.


2019 Awards


Resilience Award - Grace (R), Ethan (Y1), Myles (Y2), Oliver W (Y3), Emily (Y4), Kaylie (Y5) 


Christian Values Award - Emma (Rec), Elsie (Y1), Robyn (Y2), Faith (Y3), Charlie (Y4), Martha (Y5)


Year 6 Awards 


Perserevance - Tia

Sport - Ben and Hope

Achievement - Gracie and Noah

Courtesy - Kiyanna and Max


Sue Dean Writing Award - Amna

A massive well done to all of you!