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Religious Education


We are extremely proud to be a Church of England Primary school, with a strong distinctiveness within this area. Our mission and vision is firmly embedded and rooted in school life and permeates everything that we do. We as a school all work extremely hard to ensure that we fulfil our mission statement in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.


As a Church School, and in addition to OFSTED we are inspected under the ‘Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). Please see our most recent report under the Key Information section of the website.


Our children are very fortunate to be educated in lovely surroundings where we can appreciate God’s wonderful creations. The children at St Laurence's are given opportunities to flourish and we encourage prayer and develop their own reflection.


At St Laurence's we pride ourselves in providing a family environment that the children feel nurtured, comfortable and where they can flourish. We discuss the Big Questions with the children. We provide an environment to ask questions, search for answers and possibilities. We will encourage our children to celebrate some of these ‘ awe and wonder’ places and moments in the school. We have developed areas within the school grounds and have plans in place to develop these even further.


The Learning Environment

We take pride within the school and work hard to ensure we involve the children. We ensure that the learning environment within the school becomes the silent teacher for the children. The displays within the school are uplifting and they demonstrate how we challenge the pupils and how we develop the children to flourish. The learning environment demonstrates to the children the value of Thankfulness and how fortunate they are and this reflects their thoughts and feelings alongside their personal resilience and well being.



At St Laurence's we believe that excellence within RE is supported by a mutual respect and reflective opportunities between teachers and pupils. We ensure that we plan RE in line with the Trust Deed of the school.

RE Yearly Topics - Reception to Year 6