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What is dodgeball?

  • There are two teams of six players, facing each other on a court, and the aim is to eliminate your opponents by hitting them with a thrown ball.
  • There are five balls (three for the junior game) in play and you have to hit the opposing player anywhere on the body (below shoulders for juniors). If you are facing, then it's your job to dodge the ball.
  • If the opposing player catches the ball, then you're eliminated and the team that made the catch gets another player back in the game. If all of your team have been eliminated, you lose or if time runs out and your team has the least amount of players on court.
  • For the full rules, visit the British Dodgeball website.


Is it for me?

You may have been inspired to give it a go after watching the film 'DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story,' or maybe you want to play a fun sport where you make mates and work as a team. Whatever your reason, dodgeball could be the perfect sport for you.


What to expect when I start?

  • Dodgeball is high intensity as you run and jump on the court and work up a sweat.
  • You will improve your agility and balance as you try to move out of the way of incoming balls.
  • You'll also work your shoulders, back and arm muscles when throwing the ball.
  • As you aim the ball at your opponent, who will be on the move, you'll improve your hand-eye co-ordination.
  • British Dodgeball classes dodgeball as an inclusive sport with opportunities for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities.