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My Happy Mind


We started our MyHappyMind journey in September 2022 to support the children's mental health and wellbeing.  We are delighted to be a MyHappyMind school! MyHappyMind is an award winning program for schools and nurseries, families and organisations. It teaches preventative habits that support mental health, resilience and self-esteem. All the concepts that are taught are based on science and research and grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology. MyHappyMind is commissioned by the NHS. 


We have set up our own Happiness Heroes team to spread happiness around school and support others with their wellbeing through techniques such as Happy Breathing. Our MyHappyMind representatives consist of two children from each class. They are currently busy applying for the Bronze acreditation! 


MyHappyMind modules include: Meet the Brain, Celebrate, Gratitude, Relate and Engage.


We have been mentioned in the January edition of the MyHappyMind newsletter below: 


For more information, please click on the links below or speak with Mrs Hall, our MyHappyMind Champion.

Happiness Heroes



Mrs Marquis, Headteacher: 'MyHappyMind is really good to support children with their mental health and wellbeing. It helps them understand how they can become more resilient and how their brain works whilst providing them with different strategies such as Happy Breathing. I have seen Happy Breathing being used across school and also seen lots of children recognising and complimenting each other on the character strengths.'


Mr Moore, Y5 classteacher: 'MyHappyMind has made the children more aware of how their brains work and has given them strategies to be happy. We weave MyHappyMind into other lessons such as referring to neuroplasticity, the hippocampus or use strategies when children are upset. I like how it is based on real science!'


Mrs Blackburn, Y6 teacher: 'It's had a positive impact on children's understanding of their mental and emotional wellbeing. It has given them lots of advice and strategies to use to manage their emotions, worries and anxieties. Learning about different parts of the brain has proved successful in my class!'


Mrs Katie Eccles, Governor


It is a joy to see the staff and children embrace and practise the learnings from the My Happy Mind programme. The science, the language and the messages are instinctively and routinely applied, weaving throughout the daily rhythm of the school. 

It is incredibly valuable to instil these learnings in the children to invest in their wellbeing and resilience, to boost the staff's mental health, and include the initiative within the school's strategic School Improvement Plan.  


Mrs Diane Aldridge, Governor


As a long-standing governor (including SEND and Staff Well-being) at St. Laurence’s Primary School, along with the staff, I have welcomed the introduction of the My Happy Mind programme and its inclusion in the School Improvement Plan.

The benefits of the programme, delivered weekly at the same time throughout school, using the same language and building on the same principles, are already having a positive impact on children’s resilience and well-being. It  has been particularly valuable for those children showing signs of anxiety in school and also in supporting staff well-being.