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See you at Little Explorers in the New Year

Tuesday 11th January

The Story of the First Christmas

Today we started by telling the story of the first Christmas using puppets to help us. After the story there were lots of exciting things to play with. We had to build a stable for Baby Jesus and tell the story on the Puppet Show. We played with new born babies and read Christmas stories.

We got crafty making a Nativity scene mobile to hang by the window as well as crowns (because Jesus is the new born King). Finally we played pass the parcel and as we unravelled each layer there was a chocolate Santa and a question about the Nativity story. The final gift inside was a Baby Jesus to remind us that Jesus was a gift sent from God!

Merry Christmas from Little Explorers!



Little Explorers is our school and church toddler group. 

When - The 2nd Tuesday of every month

Time - 9:15am - 10:30am 

Where - School hall

With - Miss Harrison (Reception Class teacher),  Mrs Bentley and Rev. Mo from St Laurence's Church


The sessions are free and open to parents/carers of children in school with younger siblings and also the wider community.  Please come and join us and bring a friend along.  It is a lovely time when our toddlers, mums and dads or other family members can enjoy a relaxed fun time together with a nice cup of tea/coffee and everyone gets to know each other.  We really look forward to seeing you there!


Our next session is Tuesday 10th March 2020


Through our Christian Values, we strive to enrich the lives of our worshipping community.


Tuesday 11th February


Reverend Mo and Mrs Marquis herding sheep after listening to the story of 'The Lost Sheep'. 




Tuesday 12th November 2019

The story of 'The Paralysed Man' was retold using sticks and moving men on stretches to represent the miracle that Jesus performed.



Daniel and The Lions Den

Noah's Ark

The Lost Sheep