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Environmental Review Score: 4 out of 6 (Amber) (May 21) ► 5 out of 6 (Green) (Oct 21)


The Eco team recognises that we are really lucky here in our school because we have really large school grounds, with lots of trees and bushes, right on the edge of Astley Park. We have a large field, two large playgrounds and two trim trails (one each for the Infants and the Juniors), a super space for Reception to play and learn outside and areas to grow plants in the planters. There is space for us and for wildlife. We can even have lessons outside in the Outdoor Classroom and on the bench-tables at the bottom of the yard. We usually get the chance to play outside at lunch and break, even if it is raining a bit.




- Improve the planting areas (Gardening Club to move and restore the planters and consider a polytunnel so more children can learn about growing and get involved)

- Plant more trees, including fruit trees

- Give each class a plant to look after

- More outdoor lessons (include Forest Schools)



- Each class has been given a tomato plant to look after (soon will have a tree each)

- Forest Schools taster session held in Summer 2021

- Trees on order and due to be delivered (Nov 2021)

- Tress planting begun in the orchard with the Mayor of Chorley (Nov 2021)

Cherry Tree Planting (Nov 2021)


On Tuesday 9th November, the Mayor of Chorley visited what he described as "the greenest school in Chorley" - that's us! Like us, the Mayor is an Eco warrior and believes in all things eco. He even ditched his fancy mayoral car and walked up from the town hall. Together with Mrs Pemberton, our Chair of Governors, he helped the Eco team to plant the first tree in our new orchard, a cherry tree. He was very impressed with the children's knowledge about climate change and our goals of becoming carbon neutral, and he was bowled over by their passion and commitment. We are looking forward to more tree planting in the next few weeks, which will help to improve our school grounds, reduce our carbon footprint and attract more wildlife (biodiversity).


The occasion also marked the COP26 Schools Summit hosted and led by St Laurence Eco Team. Find out more here

Tree Planting (June 2021)


We were delighted to receive a free tree from Chorley Mayor Steve Holgate, who was giving them away to Chorley residents on Chorley Market. We received a silver birch sapling grown by the mayor himself. He told us he's an Eco Warrior too, so he's just like us! We just love his plant pot - a recycled juice carton! 

Forest Schools Taster Sessions (June 2021)


Using our fabulous school grounds to promote outdoor learning and getting close to nature

Chorley Flower Show (June 2021 and July 2021)


We are preparing to enter Chorley Flower Show with our own exhibit. Y6 have been planning the layout and composition with John Everest, an award-winning landscape gardener, and many volunteers have helped to grow and prepare the plants ready for the final show.

Growing our Own Plants in School (April and May 2021)


See Healthy Living Page for more details of the plant projects we have started

Orienteering (April 2021)


Year 4 have enjoyed their first OAA PE session of Orienteering in our extensive school grounds. Lots of team work and communication being used to find each area. The course has been specifically designed for us, using the wide variety of features and areas of interest in our gardens. We love learning outdoors!