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Welcome to Class 4


Our teacher is Mrs Jones.  Mrs Taylor  also teaches us on Monday afternoon. Our teaching assistants are Miss Braithwaite and Mr Eaves as well as parents and friends who come in and help us too. 


These are the days when we need to have extra things in school, as well as our reading books.



Tuesdays: Swimming September 2017 - February 2018. Times table tests.

Wednesday: P.E - Please ensure P.E kits are in school.

Thursday:and reading .

Friday:  Homework set / Homework due in. Spellings given and tested 


Find out more about Lancashire Music Service through the link below.


Important information -


PE - PE will take place on a  Tuesday afternoon.  Y4 will have swimming lessons on a Tuesday Afternoons until February.  Can we ask that all children have the required PE kit in school. It is really important to have pumps and trainers in school, depending on the weather. For outdoor PE on Tuesday's dark sports pants and jumpers can be worn, trainers can also be worn.


Homework and spellings - this will be given out on a Friday and should be returned by the following Friday.  It is vital the children attempt their homework, particularly spelling as it will aid their learning throughout the year.


Reading -

We place a great emphasis on reading at St Laurence’s Primary School and feel it is very important that the children read every night. Reading record books should be signed by parents three times in a week to indicate the pages read. On Fridays,  reading books will be checked, so books along with records must be in on this day.


Rewards -

Children are given team points for their behaviour, participation and general attitude to their school life.

Children will also recieve team points for their work in their books, these go towards their team houses and the winning team gets extra play time at the end of the half term.

Golden time will be take on Fridays and will involved games, activities or an extra play time.

Children can also be nominated for the Friday worship stickers. Children can be nominated by any member of staff or Pals (junior children who assist infant children at playtimes)


Equipment (Please ensure all items are clearly named) -

School bag

PE kit in a suitable bag: White T-Shirt, Blue or Black Shorts and Plimsolls.

Winter uniform: White or Light Blue Shirt or Blouse and Tie*, Long or Short Grey Trousers / Grey Skirt or Pinafore, Royal Blue Pullover or Cardigan

Summer uniform: White or Grey Socks, Shoes or Sandals. Royal Blue/White Gingham Dress, Royal Blue or White Polo Shirt *The ties are blue with a stripe (elasticated) for Early Years. (Both are obtainable from school.)


What we're up to in Year 4


We follow the 'Lancashire Themed Booklets' support materials.  Please open the attached PDF file and scroll down to the Year 4 page to find out about our 2016-2017 curriculum.

Year 4 Curriculum Summer 2

Class blog.

Friday 13th July 2018


In  Maths this week we have been learning how to multiply numbers and check it using the inverse. We used grid method and bus stop to help us. In class we are reading The Mystery Of The Secret Room. In English we have bean learning to write newspaper reports about ancient Greek Olympics. We performed them in front of the class. Henry's group were the funniest group. In topic we are learning about ancient Greek Olympics. We are planning an ancient Greek Olympics games for the Year 2 children. Some of the class went out to do some gardening with Mr and Mrs Beardmore and got to dig the roots out.


Some of us dug really big roots out and they were very prickly. Only if we had 

gloves on could we carry the roots. 

Henry and Maxwell


















Friday 29th June 2018


In Year 4 we have been doing a lot about George's Marvellous Medicine.  We have been doing some darts Maths and we've had a main challenge of a 9-dart checkout from 501.  It has also been assessment week.  In English we have been writing to predict what would happen in the book George's Marvellous medicine.  Our new book we are reading in class is called The Mystery of the of the Secret room by Helen Moss.  In Art we have been doing Greek pottery art for our topic Greece.  We researched different designs and sketched some in our sketch books.  After a few weeks of practise we made a bigger version of our favourite designs using paint and pencil. Today we made some corrections to our work from Thursday and we're doing our Art for our hall display for the Year 6 production.


By Charlie  and Maddison.  Year 4.

                Year 4    Friday 15th June 2018

Year 4 have be doing Ancient Greek pottery.  We have drawn our own designs and will be making our own Ancient Greek pots.  In English we have also been writing comic strips and poems all about Road Dahl's book George's Marvellous Medicine.  We are going to put them on display.   In Maths we've  been working on statistics.  We have been collecting information and drawing bar charts and line graphs.


Ella and Arla.



Summer 1 week 6


Year 4 have been learning how to tell the time and solve 24 hour time word problems.  In P.E we have also been doing amazing 

hockey.  In English we have been writing stories about the Mousehole cat. In French we've been learning colours.  Also we have been doing some cool Science with Mrs Crofts about evaporation.  It was fun.



Year 4 - Joseph and Arla

Summer 1 Week 5


This week in English we have been looking at the story Mousehole Cat. We have made our own news reports about some of the characters and events.


Fun Run


This week we have been really excited about the Royal Wedding. SO we wore red, white and blue and had a fun run to celebrate it.                                                                                                                                                



This week we have been playing hockey, cricket and tennis.





Written by Jessica and Daniel

Summer 1 Week 3

During this past week we have worked hard in all subjects.  In PE we have learned cricket and hockey.  In English we have looked at writing stories.  We tried to use lots of descriptive language.  In Science we have focused on liquids, gasses and solids.  In Maths we have learned about fractions.  We have focused on equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting.  In topic we looked at the cost of looking after children in your care.  Writer of the week was Holly Hopper and the superstar was Sophia. We have worked very hard this week.

By Noah and Joseph R.  

Summer 1 Week 2


In year 4 we  have chosen a topic to study .The options were: St Ives , Lock Ness and The Lake District. In Maths we have been learning how to order and compare decimal numbers and round them to the nearest whole number or tenth. In science we have been learning about liquids, solids and gases and looked at slime. It was the best lesson ever!


By Kaylie and Martha