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Week 1:What lives under the sea?

This week we have found out that our topic this half term is ‘Water, Water…Everywhere!”. We talked about what we already know and what we want to find out next. We read the story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ and we are able to act out the story together in our role play. We have also been sending words and sentences to each other to read on a zip line, as in the story. Finally we named creatures that live under the sea and talked about how they live in different seas and oceans all over the world. We drew a real Sea Bass. Finally we did some fish tasting. Many of us tasted seafood that we had never tried before including cod, prawns, mussels and crab.

The children described the seafood that they tasted as fishy, salty, crunchy, soft, chewy and more.

Bauble Lights Came to Visit Reception Class!

On December the 3rd an Elf made a grand entrance into our classroom on a paper airplane which turned out to be a letter addressed to us. In the letter it explained that he was coming to Reception class so that he could report back on us to Santa and how whilst he was there he was sure to get up to mischief. He asked us to name him so we each thought of a Christmas name and picked two out of a hat. His name was Bauble Lights!. He also brought us all a diary with our names on so that we could write everyday about what he had been up to in our classroom. He was a very cheeky little elf!


Just look what he got up to!!!




Christmas Fun!



We had a great time practicing and performing in our first school Nativity. The girls were angels and the boys sheep.

We also performed in a Nativity at St. Laurence’s Church.

We know the story of Jesus’ birth really well now! Some of us acted it out with puppets whilst others wrote the story. We even made stables in the construction area using the wooden bricks.


 Here are some other Christmas activities that we loved!



We have also been like little elves in Santa’s workshops preparing Christmas cards and treats to take home. We made Christmas Cards, calendars, reindeer food, a Christmas angel, a star tree decoration and some hot chocolate reindeer cones. It was so much fun!


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Week 5 : What powers do superheroes have?

This week we used all our super learning powers to complete our missions. We wrote invitations for our family members to come to a superhero challenge party. We had 10 missions to complete that helped us to develop skills in Communication and Language, Reading, Writing, Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design. We had so much fun!!!

Here are some photographs from the day!

All children and grown ups completed their missions and we were all able to go on the Mission Complete board and we even won a prize!

Week 4: What do Superheroes look like? (Supertato)

This week we read the story Supertato. We hot seated the poor cucumber, carrot and broccoli and completed lots of challenges to capture evil pea and rescue Supertato. We word rapped the new vocabulary from the story and added it to our vocabulary tree. Why not ask us about what these words mean: crime, distress, villain, strength, escape, vanished!

We created a story map to help us retell the story and used the props in the library.

Evil Pea made our tricky words vanish so we used our superpowers to find them again!

We wrote, shopping lists, speech bubbles and even the story!!!


We also made our own Supertato by attaching sticky tape for his eye mask and belt and cutting out material for a cape. We also glued on googly eyes and gave him a special logo for his belt!Here are our Supertatos!

Week 3: Who will rescue us from villains?

Over the weekend Reception class has been visited by an intruder, who smashed the window and left footprints around the classroom. We checked the CCTV to find a Burglar in a stripey t-shirt with black mask and hat creeping around the room and taking our property such as a pen, a clock, a cup and Miss Harrison’s scarf and coat, to name but a few. We wrote ‘Wanted’ posters thinking about his appearence. On Wednesday we went to visit Chorley Police station to report the crime. The Police officer told us how he had been arrested and went by the name of ‘Burglar Bill’ and took us to see him in a real police cell. He returned our property and told us he wouldn’t steal ever again!. Whilst there, we learnt all about the police uniform and kit and had a sit in the back of a police van, listening to the siren! We had so much fun!!!

Week 2: Who will rescue us from a fire?

This week we have talked about how firefighters are superheros. We talked about their job and how they staf safe. We played with a firestation, wrote firework words and make firework transient art pictures. We even sprayed out tricky word fires with our hoses.

We had a visitor from a Firefighter who He talked to us about the different emergencies that he has to attend including fires, car crashes and rescuing people from high up and deep waters. He told about the protective clothing that he needs to keep safe including a mask so that he doesn’t inhale the smoke and the fire proof suit he must wear to protect himself from being burnt. He had a race with some children in class and talk about how fast they must get dressed when it is an emergency. Finally we went out on the playground to find out what equipment is onboard a fire engine. We saw a giant fan, giant scissors and hoses of different lengths. We enjoyed squirting the hose and listened to the Fire engines siren, Nee Naw, Nee Naw! It was great fun!!!


Remembrance Days: 100 year Anniversary

Soldiers are superheros too. We remember all the soldiers who have fought and been injured or lost their lives 100 years ago in WW1 and recently. We watched the poppy video about the rabbit during the war and the hope they was brought when poppies grew on the battlefield. We made poppies and did fingerprint art work of a poppy field. Grace brought in a photograph of her Great Grandad who fought in the war who turned 99 last week. We performed a poetry recital in front of the whole school. Ask us to recite the poem to you using the visual aid.

Week 1: What is a superhero?

This week we talked about what we already know and what we want to find out. We brought in our costumes that we made at home with our family and talked about what superhero name and power we had. 

Autumn 2 Topic overview