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Year 1 20-21 Christian Value: Hope

‘But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.'

 Isaiah 40:31

Class 1 2020-2021

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Year 1 Curriculum Autumn 1 2018-19

Welcome to Class 1.




Our class teacher is Miss Pilkington and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wood.



We hope to help every child make a smooth transition from Reception into Year One.  As the children get more used to us the day becomes a little more formal, with greater emphasis on directed tasks rather than free choice activities. Later on the work will involve more writing, but support will be provided for those that need it. We aim to provide stimulating and enjoyable activities to challenge all the children.


We really enjoy learning in a practical, fun way.



Children will be given some learning activities to complete at home to help reinforce the work being covered in lessons and to provide the children with the opportunity to share and extend their learning with adults at home. This is completed in their pink homework book which is given out on a Friday. Please return homework by Thursday.


Children in Year 1 will be given the following activities:

  • Daily reading
  • Weekly spellings to learn linked to our phonics sound of the week
  • A piece of numeracy work or MyMaths task
  • Occasional reinforcement activities (as and when needed)



We place a great emphasis on reading at St Laurence’s Primary School.  Children will participate in guided reading sessions with an adult twice a week.  It is very important that the children read every night. Reading record books should be signed by parents to indicate the page reached each evening and along with the reading book, should be brought into school every day. We aim to change reading books on Mondays due to the current restrictions surrounding Coronavirus and will provide each child with two or three books a week. Please try to hear your child read daily, even if it's only for 5 minutes so they can build on their segmenting and blending skills. Teach Your Monster To Read can be accessed for free on a computer but will only work on an iPad if you download the app. This is a fun way to help support your child learning to read.



We will be working hard on phonics this year. At the end of the year, there will be a national phonics screening check. There are a lot of resources available online if you would like to work with your child. We will recap on phases 3 and 4 of Letters and Sounds and begin to learn phase 5.  The children all seem to like Obb and Bob (very badly behaved aliens)! Their game can be played free online for free at:




  • Children can achieve stickers, team points and dojos
  • Children can achieve dojos for their work, for good effort in a lesson, outstanding behaviour, care and courtesy, helpfulness to others and for following the Good to be Green class rules.  The number of dojos are recorded for each child and rewards will be given for those earning 25 and then 50 dojos. 
  • Children can also be nominated for the Friday worship stickers.  Children can be nominated by any member of staff or welfare assistants.  For outstanding effort or success children may be awarded the Superstar award where they will have the opportunity to sit on the "top table" with a friend of their choice. Children can also be nominated for our Writer of the Week award. 


Equipment (Please ensure all items are clearly named)

  • School bag
  • Due to the current restrictions, our PE day is Wednesday. Please could your child attend school in their full PE kit on Wednesdays. They can wear joggers/leggings and their school jumper also as the weather gets colder. No jewellery should be worn during PE. If children have pierced ears they will need have had them removed at home in order to participate in the PE lessons. Long hair should also be tied back for safety reasons.  Children are required to wear pumps/trainers for PE.
  • Winter uniform: White or Light Blue Shirt or Blouse and Tie*, Long or Short Grey Trousers / Grey Skirt or Pinafore, Royal Blue Pullover or Cardigan
  • Summer uniform: White or Grey Socks, Shoes or Sandals. Royal Blue/White Gingham Dress, Royal Blue or White Polo Shirt  *The ties are blue with a stripe (elasticated) for Early Years. (Both are obtainable from school.) 

Class Rules

In class 1 our Good to be Green rules are:

  • We are gentle, we don’t hurt others
  • We are kind and helpful, we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We listen, we don’t interrupt
  • We are honest, we don’t cover up the truth
  • We work hard, we don’t waste our own or others’ time
  • We look after property, we don’t waste or damage things


We very much look forward to working with the children in Year 1, and hope they have a very happy, successful and rewarding year.

We follow the 'Lancashire Themed Booklets' support materials.  Please open the attached PDF file to find out about our 2016-2017 curriculum. 

Class Blog


Spring 2 - 29.3.19

Our topic this term is all about plants and animals.

We have been doing experiments, we have been on a nature walk , had lots of fun learning about the different plants and trees. In Maths we hav been learning about big and less.we have been making  muothers day cards.


By Elsie and Ethan


Week 5 - 8.2.19


In English, we were writing about the weather monster, he controls the weather by his emotions, when he is sad it rains,🌧 when he is happy, the sun comes out 🌞 We went to the library.

By Jaxon and Dexter 

Week 4 - 1.2.19


This week in maths this week we learned about fractions, we know all about 1/4’s & 1/2‘s . We had an extreme weather day and made hedgehog shaped bread. Here is Jaxon with his.




Week 3 - 25.1.19

We made potions in maths using fractions. We are learning about the seasons  in English.

We are doing Zumba in PE.we had a picnic in maths. We have been reading The Dawn chorus in English. 

By Martha and Nina




Week 2 - 18.1.19

This week we looked at many topics. We talked about the seasons.These are spring, summer, autumn and winter. We like spring and summer

the best, bekause it is warm and have a picnic.

we also looked at fractions.They are fun. We also looked at Jesus and his twelve Dciples. They were Jesus speshal friends of Jesus.


By Tyler and Lily


Friday 13th July

In English we learnt about Helen Keller.  She was deaf and blind.  In Maths we did a learning sheet about number bonds to 20.


Adam E and Matilda

Summer 2 Week 6


We found out more about inventors. We made a telephone using cups and string.


By Bessie and Noah G

  Summer 2 Week 4


This week we have been making robots out of boxes. In history we have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. We are learning our  times tables 2x 5x 10x . A mysterious robot also visited our classroom and he was showing off his dance moves.


By David and Mia

Mysterious Robot Intruder

Still image for this video

Summer 2 Week 1


We have been reading a book called No Bot. We will be building robots. We are learning  o’clock  half past quarter past and quarter to.


Evie and Michaela

   Summer 1 Week 7


This week we were learning about resilience for our class assembly. We all had so much fun!! 🤩👏🏿              

   This week in maths we have been doing time. This week we have been doing a fun activity phonics book.InPE we played Dishes and Dome. 

By Finley and Elliot

Summer 1 Week 5


We have been learning how to make a information booklet about  Astley Park. In RE we have learned about belonging. In maths we have had fun learning about fractions. We drew a map of the schools area in Geography. We’ve had a good week👍👍👍👍 

Summer 1 week 3

We learnt about capacity this week. We had a race to see who filled up their bucket first. The last team won. We have been writing stories about the great outdoors and making our own stories up. Our favourite part was planning our stories.

By Rose and Lillie

Summer 1: Week 2


We have been doing block graphs in maths and we have been learning about  the book Stuck in English. We have practised our class worship on 'Giraffe's Can't Dance' which was lots of fun.


By Ava and Noah S