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Welcome to our Eco Club!



Our Eco-Ambassadors are in charge of our mission to make St. Laurence's Primary School green, clean and sustainable. The club is part of the international award winning Eco-Schools programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life.


We are so proud to have been awarded the Bronze and Silver Awards by he Eco-Schools programme and we are working hard on the next achievement, the Gold Award.

Our Eco Schools Awards



Our Eco-Ambassadors are volunteers who are passionate about our planet and want to make a difference in our school. They are in charge of our  plans and projects, and have the responsibility of representing and leading everyone else in our school community. We have members from Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6.

Our Eco-Ambassadors

The Eco-Ambassadors have completed an Environmental Review, in which they gathered information and assessed the school's performance in 9 key areas, as set out in the Eco-Schools Programme. These include:

  • Energy - to reduce the amount of energy used to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Water - to explore the problems of a ‘water crisis’ and other issues surrounding water supply.
  • Biodiversity - to try to increase the biodiversity within school.
  • School Grounds - to ensure that the school grounds are used effectively and kept clean.
  • Healthy Living - to ensure that pupils are aware of what a ‘healthy diet’ is.
  • Transport - to encourage eco-friendly transport.
  • Litter - to reduce the amount of litter on site.
  • Waste - to reduce/monitor the amount of waste from the school grounds.
  • Global Citizenship - to teach skills, values, attitudes and knowledge that will allow pupils to participate in a truly global society.


Having completed the Environmental Review, the Eco-Ambassadors have identified the priorities for our school and this now forms the basis of our Action Plan for future projects and initiatives.


Each week the Eco-Ambassadors meet to look at our progress against the Action Plan and to discuss and plan what we need to do next. Things we have done so far include how to save money by recycling, using less plastic, reducing energy, litter picking and improving our school grounds for wildlife. We have installed some new composters to collect organic waste at break time, we have put out bird feeders to encourage more wildlife in our school grounds and we have introduced a scheme to recycle toothpaste and packaging. We are going to be involved in some Fair Trade activities this year, as well as gardening, planting and more recycling!


Encouraging Wildlife in the School Grounds

Updating the Environmental Review - Collaborating