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Admissions/Pupil Discipline

Mrs E Marquis, Mrs K Pemberton, Mr P Beardmore
Complaints Committee

Mr D O'Loughlin, + 2

Complaint appeals

any 3 untainted


School Development and Curriculum

Mrs D Aldridge, Mr D Chandler, Mrs L Moon, Mr D Nicholson,
Mr D O'Loughlin, Mrs K Pemberton,  Mrs L Wood, Mr A Mashiter

Resources (Staffng, Finance and Premises)

Mrs D Aldridge, Mr P Beardmore (Chair), Mr D Chandler,
Mr D Nicholson, Mr D O'Loughlin, Mrs K Pemberton, Mrs L Wood


Mr D O'Loughlin, Mrs K Pemberton, Mrs D Aldridge

Mr P Beardmore, Mr D Nicholson,


Grievance & Pay Appeals

Mrs D Aldridge, + 2


Staff Discipline/Dismissal

Mrs D Aldridge, Mr P Beardmore, 
Link Governors

Mrs K Pemberton is the governor with responsibility for Child Protection and Safeguarding

Mrs D Aldridge is the governor with responsibility for Pupil Premium

Mrs L Wood is the Training Link governor

Mrs D Aldridge is the governor with responsibility for Special Educational Needs


Curriculum Link Governors

Subject/area Governor Lead Teacher  
English/Literacy Mrs Pemberton Mrs Baybutt  
Maths Mr Beardmore Mr Evans  
Science Mrs Moon Mrs Douglass  
PHSE Mrs Wood Mrs Swindells  
Computing/ICT Mr Nicholson Mr Barrow  
PE/Sports Mr O'Loughlin    
Languages Mrs Wood Mrs Cornthwaite  
Humanities (History/Geography) Miss Parkinson Mrs Crofts  
RE & Collective Worship Mr Barrack Mrs Swindells  
The Arts (Music, A & D, DT) Mr Chandler Mrs Marquis/ Mrs Lawman  

Which Governor is attached to which class?

Reception  Mrs D Aldridge

Year 1      Miss L Parkinson

Year 2      Mr D O'Loughlin

Year 3      Mrs K Pemberton

Year 4      Mr D Nicholson

Year 5      Mr P Beardmore

Year 6      Mr A Barrack