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Sporting Results ! 

In recent years St Laurence's has been extremely successful in many sporting events. We have several weekly clubs but in addition we are always keen participate in tournaments - sometimes in quite unusual sports. These are often organized by The Chorley Schools Sports Partnership which also provides qualified coaches who not only lead activities but also skill up our own staff.


We have the following clubs on a regular basis as follows:

Thursdays: netball or rounders

Fridays: football and athletics

Every year we have six week blocks of judo, fencing and dance and age related blocks of "other sports" such as golf and cricket.


We have found the Sports Premium Grant a real help - providing the funding for the Sports Partnership and covering the cost of transport and in subsidizing FSM children.


A child's comment on a recent achievement:

We recently attended the 2015 Chorley GUAG table tennis tournament with a team of four consisting of : 

Seed 1 : Daniel Lilley - Daniel won five of his eight matches ( his opponents weere extremely good). 

Seed 2 : Jack Hughes - Jack won five of his eight matches aswell but , once again, had extremely hard people to play against.

Seed 3 : Adam Darwin - he won all of his matches pretty easily !

Seed 4 : Lauren Prince - I won six of my eight matches.


At the end of the day we took home the silver, losing to Trinity St Michaels ( who were amazing ). 

Winning the squash tournament by one point ! On Monday 27th April six extremely nervous children from Year Six set off to Clayton Green Leisure Centre - we'd never even played before ! The prizes were fantastic and everyone received a free squash racket ,a pair of tickets for the Squash Championships and a squash key ring.


Here are the results : 

Seed 1  : Jack Hughes . He lost his first match but won the second and third and scored that crucial point in the final game making us win the overall competition.

Seed 2 : Daniel Lilley . He won all four of his matches - fortunately ! 

Seed 3 : Taylor Dobson/ Lauren Prince. I had to leave after the first match ( which I won ) and Taylor took over winning two out of the three matches she played .


WELL DONE EVERYONE - we all played very well ( well of course we did ; we won ! )

Seed 4: William Hopper. Luckily,he won all four matches with ease.


Knocking St Joseph's off the top spot for Sportshall Athletics- the first time ( since the event was created) someone else has ever won. After two action-packed heats, St Laurence's stole the crown of glory. Many thanks to FORMER champions, St Joseph's for kindly lending us your equipment. On Wednesday 4th March St Laurence's attendended the county finals in Hyndburn. At first when we arrived, the team was extremely nervous as the rest of the teams had colour coordinated kit and their logo printed on the kits. However, we WERE one of the teams that were serious competition. About halfway through the competition Gemma (our sport partnership representitive) informed us that we we were 2nd out of 16 !!!! After that information the team were buzzing - we knew we'd done well ! Unfortunately, in the second round a few careless mistakes were made in the field yet (miracles can happen) we came joint third ! The amazing thing was : there were many national champions there but they didn't beat US !!


Our 2 most impressive achievements: Getting through to the NATIONAL finals in the Yr6 girls cricket team. This was the first time we ever entered the event and the team breezed through the locals, winning every game - losing a few cricket balls on the way ! However we faced an extremely difficult semi-final game at the County Finals when the rain decided to start falling. Fortunately- for our team- we won ! On the other hand, unfortunately the final was called off due to damp pitches. At the National finals, most unfortunately, we lost our first round to the team who eventually became the national winners. At least we got a Mc Donald's which the school generously paid for. Who knows what next year will hold? 


Winning the Ollerton Cup. This was no mean feat. The Yr 5/6 boys football team battled their way through the tournament and landed some highly impressive wins, the most being the final game , WINNING !!! Many tears were exchanged ( happy ones. ) It was the first time in 54 years - which is when the tournament first started - that we won it !   


Other achievements:


Winning the first ever Katie Hewison Duathlon :

One warm -not !- Saturday morning 12 children from St Laurence's attended the first ever  Chorley Duathlon. We were competing against top triathletes/duathletes in the country yet we pulled off an impressive win and will go down in history books as the first ever school to win the Duathlon. Up against schools with more than 60 children entered, we still secured an impressive win . 


Yr 5/6 girls and boys Cross Country win : 

This extremely anticipated event proved very successful with around 35 children competing . Unlike last year we only had two practices instead of about 50 ! Nevertheless we performed exceptionally ! There were four races ( two year 3&4 and two year 5&6.) Unfortunately the Year 3&4 team did really well and tried their best but both Year 5&6  teams won the gold. The Yr 5&6 boys were extremely upset about the false start however Daniel Lilley, Jack Hughes and Harry Potts all finished within the top ten and Isabelle Farron, Lauren Prince and Annabelle Jackson in the girls race were in top ten. These were the positions for the A team in boys and girls ( who came first ) : Boys - 2nd, 7th, 9th, 11th . Girls - 5th, 7th, 9th, 21st. 


Netball :

We have a lot of matches but in the whole season we only won one so writing about it was an opportunity we simply couldn't miss ! For the last game of the season we were against another team who'd lost all their matches and we won 6-0 !!


Meeting Steve Cram :

On Wednesday 6th May Daniel Lilley, Lauren Prince and Jack Hughes went to St Michaels to have a training session with world record holder for middle distance running, Steve Cram. To begin with we did a warmup around the hall and a few stretches. Then we had a shuttle relay in teams of six.

By Lauren Prince & Jack Hughes