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Remembrance Day

Our visit to the War Memorial on 11th November made us think very seriously about war. The atmosphere, the soldiers and the Last Post made us sad and proud and grateful. We are very lucky never to have faced a war in our country in our lifetime.

Here are some of the children's accounts of their visit:

One morning, at 10.30 on 11th, we all got into pairs and set off with Mrs Cornthwaite leading us on.

We were all a bit lively at the start. We were a it chatty about what was going to happen but as we got closer to the park gate, we all stopped in excitement and sadness, thinking about how hard it must be for some of the people on this day.

When we were there, the vetarans formed neatly organised ranks in threes and marched to the memorial cross. At the same time, we followed them.

When the two minutes started, it made me feel very proud of the soldiers for what they have done for our country, to enable us to be free. I could see some people crying and it made me shiver a bit. In spite of that, I was also thinking in my head how hard it must be for some people.



We walked to the memorial in pairs, giggling and talking to our partners, wondering what was going to happen.

As we made it to the park gates we saw lots of veterans waiting there. We took our places in the circle and waited there for about ten minutes. Suddenly, we heard lots of shoes hitting the ground. When the veterans came in sight, we saw that they were marching. After a short while, a man with a bugle played The Last Post, and five men with flags lowered them to the floor. One of them was our own George's grandad.

The vicar said a prayer and we all said Amen at the end, and then started the two minutes' silence. After that, all of the veterans placved their poppies on the memorial, then we did, then other members of the public. Some of the vetrans took a long time but we respected that because it meant a lot to them.

The journey back was less chatty, for some of us were thinking about what had just happened. When we got back to class, straightaway we had playtime.